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Ohio Oil and Gas Data Sources

Ohio Data Releases

Ohio v1.0 (September 2014)

This was the first release of Ohio oil and gas data on WellWiki. This release included data reported by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources through August 2014. The data for this release were derived from the Risk Based Data Management System (RBDMS). By this point our server infrastructure consisted of a single virtual machine, with 2 CPUs, 6GB RAM and 1TB drive.

Ohio v2.0 (July 2015)

This release added 747 wells, approximately 18,000 inspection and 655 violation records, and 51,470 production records for 2014 and 2015. We also updated various location, spud, and county information and enhanced our database to include Inspection Type for all compliance records. As part of this update we created two new pages: Ohio Oil and Gas Data Sources and Ohio Technical Information. We also implemented code to automate the referencing of source information for all Ohio pages. The team for this project consisted of Joel Gehman, Mason Strong, and Hailey Musselman.

Ohio v3.0 (July 2019)

This release expanded WellWiki’s coverage of Ohio oil and gas wells to include data available through April 2019. Data for this update were obtained from the Ohio Risk Based Data Management System and included the following tables:

 •  Codes: This table defines the codes that are used in other tables. It was used to convert codes to full names for some of the fields in other tables.    
 •  Company: Contains operator names, codes, addresses, and phone numbers. Also gives alternate aliases for some operators.
 •  County: Lists all of the counties in Ohio.
 •  Formatn: Lists all of the oil formations found in Ohio.
 •  Perfs: Contains perforation treatment data for Ohio wells.
 •  Production: Contains production data for wells in Ohio. Includes quantities of oil, gas, and waste water produced.
 •  tblCivilTownships: Lists Municipalities in Ohio.
 •  tblInspection: Contains well inspection data, specifically only inspections where the well passed the inspection and was in compliance with appropriate codes.
 •  tblInspectorStringCement: Contains more inspection data, specifically inspections of cement that was poured around wells.
 •  tblInspFail: Contains inspections data, specifically inspections where the well failed the inspection.
 •  tblInspFlDesc: Gives comments for inspections in the tblInspFail and specifies what codes the well was found to be in violation of.
 •  tblLocational: Gives latitude and longitude data for wells found in the Wells table.
 •  tblPad: Lists the well pads found in Ohio.
 •  tblPadWells: This table maps the well pads from the tblPad table to their wells from the Wells table.
 •  tblPlugWell: Gives the plug back depth for wells that have been plugged.  
 •  tblStimulation: Contains Ohio fracking data.
 •  Well: Lists all of the wells in Ohio.
 •  WellHistry: Records any changes in a well's status over time such as changes in ownership, wells being plugged,  and wells being re-drilled.

We expanded the data displayed on our Operator, and County and Municipality Pages, notably to include “operator” on County and Municipality Pages and "County" and “Municipality” on Operator Pages. This mirrors an enhancement we made as part of our Alberta v3.0[1] update. We used the TIGER/Line coordinate system to map all the wells with lat/long to their respective county and municipality. Finally, this release incorporated data from our Fracking Chemicals v2.0 update. In total, 2,321 Ohio wells reported data through FracFocus; we include those data for each well. Data on Fracking Activities are obtained primarily from FracFocus. For complete details see the Fracking Activities Data Sources[2] page.

Overall, this release resulted in the generation of 271,559 new or modified Ohio Well Pages; 12,113 new or modified Ohio Operator Pages; 1,794 new or modified Ohio County and Municipality Pages; and 899 new or modified Ohio Well Pad Pages.The team for this project consisted of Joel Gehman, Michael Boisvert and Ankesh Kumar. Funding for the project was provided in part by financial support from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and the University of Alberta, as well as in-kind support University of Alberta School of Business.