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Ohio Department of Natural Resources

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) is the administrative department of the government of Ohio|Ohio state government[1] charged with maintaining natural resources such as state parks, state nature preserves, state wildlife areas, state forests, and state waterways. It was created in 1949 by the Ohio Legislature.[2]

Divisions of ODNR include:

  • Division of Engineering
  • Division of Forestry
  • Division of Geological Survey
  • Division of Mineral Resources Management
  • Division of Natural Areas and Preserves
  • Division of Parks
  • Division of Recycling and Litter Prevention
  • Division of Soil and Water Resources
  • Division of Watercraft
  • Division of Wildlife

ODNR owns and manages more than 590,000 acres (2,400 km2) of land in 74 state parks, 20 state forests, 127 state nature preserves, and 120 wildlife areas and more than 120,000 acres (490 km2) of inland waters; 7,000 miles (11,000 km) of streams; 481 miles (774 km) of Ohio River; and 2,250,000 acres (9,100 km2) of Lake Erie.[2]

Mission statement

"To ensure a balance between wise use and protection of our natural resources for the benefit of all." [2]

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