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Manitoba Advanced Well Search

Results 1 - 20 of 10,474
UWI Operator County Municipality Meridian Township Range Section License Date License Status
100.01-01-001-26W1Corex Resources Ltd.Division No. 5Two BordersW100126011983-12-28Abandoned Producer
100.01-01-002-26W1Omega Hydrocarbons Ltd.Division No. 5Two BordersW100226011984-07-25Abandoned Producer
100.01-01-007-29W1Vermilion Energy Canada Ltd.Division No. 6PipestoneW100729022011-01-21Capable Of Oil Production
100.01-01-008-29W1Tundra Oil & Gas LimitedDivision No. 6PipestoneW100829012005-11-18Capable Of Oil Production
100.01-01-009-29W1Tundra Oil & Gas LimitedDivision No. 6PipestoneW100929012013-10-11Capable Of Oil Production
100.01-01-010-26W1Canadian Export Gas & Oil Ltd.Division No. 6Wallace-WoodworthW101026011956-11-23Abandoned Producer
100.01-01-010-28W1Tundra Oil & Gas LimitedDivision No. 6Wallace-WoodworthW101028012019-02-11Capable Of Oil Production
100.01-01-010-29W1Tundra Oil & Gas LimitedDivision No. 6Wallace-WoodworthW101029022013-07-12Capable Of Oil Production
100.01-01-013-27W1Elcano Exploration Inc.Division No. 15Prairie ViewW101327012013-07-12Completing
100.01-01-013-28W1TORC Oil & Gas Ltd.Division No. 15Ellice-ArchieW101328022014-01-23Capable Of Oil Production
100.01-01-015-27W1Tundra Oil & Gas LimitedDivision No. 15Prairie ViewW101527012010-12-01Abandoned Dry
100.01-02-002-25W1Tundra Oil & Gas LimitedDivision No. 5Brenda-WaskadaW100225022002-07-22Capable Of Oil Production
100.01-02-002-26W1Tundra Oil & Gas LimitedDivision No. 5Two BordersW100226021983-10-05Capable Of Oil Production
100.01-02-002-28W1Tundra Oil & Gas LimitedDivision No. 5Two BordersW100228022012-05-22Salt Water Disposal
100.01-02-007-27W1Crescent Point Energy Corp.Division No. 6PipestoneW100727022004-03-11Abandoned Producer
100.01-02-008-29W1Tundra Oil & Gas LimitedDivision No. 6PipestoneW100829022005-02-09Capable Of Oil Production
100.01-02-010-28W1Tundra Oil & Gas LimitedDivision No. 6Wallace-WoodworthW101028021984-04-30Capable Of Oil Production
100.01-02-010-29W1Tundra Oil & Gas LimitedDivision No. 6Wallace-WoodworthW101029021985-02-27Abandoned Producer
100.01-02-013-28W1TORC Oil & Gas Ltd.Division No. 15Ellice-ArchieW101328022014-01-23Capable Of Oil Production
100.01-03-001-24W1Tundra Oil & Gas LimitedDivision No. 5Brenda-WaskadaW100124032010-11-09Capable Of Oil Production
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