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Moose Mountain Provincial Park, Saskatchewan

Municipality Well Data

Well ID Operator Name License Status License Date Spud Date
101162301004W200 Marathon Oil Company ABANDONED 1953-01-091953-02-07
101062600904W200 Marathon Oil Company ABANDONED 1954-11-151954-11-21
102062600904W200 Marathon Oil Company ABANDONED 1954-12-081954-11-24
101160901104W200 Chauvco Oil & Gas Canada Ltd ABANDONED 1958-03-251958-05-15
101051501002W200 Marathon Oil Company ABANDONED 1958-07-041958-07-13
101112300905W200 Chauvco Oil & Gas Canada Ltd ABANDONED 1958-10-091958-10-13
101022701003W200 Pemoco Ltd. ACTIVE 1958-11-071958-11-14
101093601004W200 Imperial Oil Resources Limited ABANDONED 1958-11-211958-12-25
101132400905W200 Chauvco Oil & Gas Canada Ltd ABANDONED 1959-04-211959-04-28
101142501003W200 Pemoco Ltd. SUSPENDED 1959-05-261959-05-29
111102701003W200 Marathon Oil Company ABANDONED 1959-06-231959-06-23
111133501004W200 Marathon Oil Company ABANDONED 1959-07-171959-07-21
131062501003W200 Pemoco Ltd. SUSPENDED 1959-07-271959-07-31
101042701003W200 Marathon Oil Company ABANDONED 1959-11-241959-11-28
101101101002W200 Imperial Oil Resources Limited ABANDONED 1959-12-171959-12-28
101041701003W200 Marathon Oil Company ABANDONED 1959-12-291960-01-03
131140301103W200 Marathon Oil Company ABANDONED 1960-01-131960-01-15
101063601003W202 Pemoco Ltd. SUSPENDED 1960-06-151960-06-16
101040301003W200 Marathon Oil Company ABANDONED 1960-06-241960-07-07
101021601002W200 Crescent Point Energy Corp. ACTIVE 1960-07-291960-08-01
101162601003W200 Pemoco Ltd. ACTIVE 1960-08-051960-08-10
101083501003W200 Pemoco Ltd. ABANDONED 1960-09-211960-09-23
101043601003W200 Pemoco Ltd. ACTIVE 1960-09-291961-01-07
111061601002W200 Crescent Point Energy Corp. SUSPENDED 1960-10-131960-10-13
121122901002W200 Kissinger Petroleums Ltd. ABANDONED 1960-10-141960-10-22
101141601002W200 Crescent Point Energy Corp. ABANDONED 1960-10-261960-10-24
101081601002W200 Crescent Point Energy Corp. SUSPENDED 1960-11-071960-11-23
101041601002W200 Crescent Point Energy Corp. ABANDONED 1960-11-251960-12-03
101121900903W200 Union Oil Holdings Ltd. ABANDONED 1960-12-231960-12-30
101123601003W200 Federated Co-Operatives Limited ABANDONED 1961-01-051961-01-07
101040701003W200 Union Oil Holdings Ltd. ABANDONED 1961-01-061961-01-12
141062601003W200 Pemoco Ltd. SUSPENDED 1961-01-131961-01-15
101080701104W200 Union Oil Holdings Ltd. ABANDONED 1961-01-231961-01-23
101101601002W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 1961-02-231961-02-26
121161601002W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. SUSPENDED 1961-03-081961-03-08
131021601002W200 Crescent Point Energy Corp. SUSPENDED 1961-03-211961-03-22
101103601003W200 Federated Co-Operatives Limited ABANDONED 1961-06-071961-06-16
101121601002W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 1961-06-161961-07-05
101163401003W200 Marathon Oil Company ABANDONED 1961-08-171961-08-18
121140901002W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. SUSPENDED 1961-10-191961-10-23
101081701002W200 Canadian Natural Resources Limited ABANDONED 1961-12-211961-12-29
141022001002W200 Marathon Oil Company ABANDONED 1962-06-121962-06-26
101043101002W200 Security Freehold Petroleum Limited ABANDONED 1962-07-061962-07-10
101090901004W200 Pure Oil Company ABANDONED 1962-10-311962-11-07
101020401103W200 BP Canada Energy Group ULC ABANDONED 1962-11-231962-11-26
101101901002W200 Kissinger Petroleums Ltd. ABANDONED 1962-11-231963-01-05
101082701003W200 Pemoco Ltd. SUSPENDED 1963-02-091963-02-19
101122501003W200 Marathon Oil Company ABANDONED 1963-02-061963-02-08
101030301005W200 Jordan Thomas N Jr ABANDONED 1963-05-311963-11-11
121120901002W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 1963-06-051963-07-23
101042601003W200 Marathon Oil Company ABANDONED 1963-07-161963-08-10
101012900904W200 Mosbacher Oil & Gas Ltd. ABANDONED 1964-03-061964-03-11
130063001002W200 Federated Co-Operatives Limited ABANDONED 1964-07-171964-07-23
101060301103W200 Federated Co-Operatives Limited ABANDONED 1964-07-291964-08-03
101111601002W200 Mark V Mines Ltd. ABANDONED 1964-08-181964-09-02
101071900904W200 Mosbacher Oil & Gas Ltd. ABANDONED 1964-11-201964-11-21
101060401103W200 Supertest Investments & Petroleum Limited ABANDONED 1965-03-041965-03-09
141153301003W200 Samedan Oil Of Canada Inc. ABANDONED 1965-08-231965-08-25
101132600905W200 Hercules Oil Co. Ltd. ABANDONED 1965-09-131965-09-14
121121001002W200 Crescent Point Energy Corp. SUSPENDED 1965-09-231965-11-10
101100901002W200 Canadian Natural Resources Limited ABANDONED 1965-09-241965-10-30
101023601003W200 Marathon Oil Company ABANDONED 1965-10-181965-10-26
101113201004W200 CNOOC Petroleum North America ULC ABANDONED 1965-11-081965-11-14
101160901002W200 Canadian Natural Resources Limited ABANDONED 1965-11-091965-11-22
101141001002W200 Crescent Point Energy Corp. ABANDONED 1965-12-011965-12-05
101153101004W200 Canlin Energy Corporation ABANDONED 1965-12-021965-12-04
101052901004W200 Canlin Energy Corporation ABANDONED 1965-12-031965-12-08
101032301005W200 Crescent Point Energy Corp. ACTIVE 1966-02-071966-02-14
101023501003W200 Pemoco Ltd. ACTIVE 1966-02-181966-03-06
101022501003W200 Marathon Oil Company ABANDONED 1966-02-231966-02-25
101093201004W200 Canlin Energy Corporation ABANDONED 1966-02-281966-03-05
101142601003W200 Pemoco Ltd. ACTIVE 1966-06-301966-07-06
101012301005W200 Crescent Point Energy Corp. ABANDONED 1966-12-081966-12-14
101121801002W200 Ridgeback Resources Inc. ABANDONED 1967-01-161967-01-21
101093000904W200 Union Oil Holdings Ltd. ABANDONED 1967-02-031967-02-16
101131401005W200 Crescent Point Energy Corp. SUSPENDED 1967-02-101967-02-22
101022300905W200 El Cinco Oils Ltd. ABANDONED 1967-02-281967-03-03
101112301005W200 Crescent Point Energy Corp. ABANDONED 1967-07-141967-07-14
101073600904W200 Midwest Oil Corporation ABANDONED 1967-09-211967-09-21
101042201002W200 Marathon Oil Company ABANDONED 1967-10-031967-10-17
101120101104W200 Great Basins Petroleum Ltd. ABANDONED 1967-12-151967-12-31
101142201003W200 Pemoco Ltd. SUSPENDED 1968-01-241968-01-28
101122201003W200 Pemoco Ltd. ACTIVE 1968-07-031968-07-10
101042600905W200 Garvey Exploration Ltd. ABANDONED 1968-09-271968-09-29
101130401104W200 Rundle Petroleums Ltd. ABANDONED 1968-11-121968-12-09
101032400905W200 Inter-City Gas Corporation ABANDONED 1968-11-291968-12-03
101102701002W200 Apexco Inc ABANDONED 1968-12-091968-12-12
101160801003W200 Galleon Oil Co. Ltd. ABANDONED 1969-03-101969-03-10
121080801103W200 Amroc Oil Corporation ABANDONED 1969-05-201969-07-31
101052801003W200 Elvin C. Hope And Associates ABANDONED 1969-06-191969-08-18
101112500904W200 Shenandoah Oil Corporation ABANDONED 1969-07-141969-07-23
101130701004W200 Canlin Energy Corporation ABANDONED 1969-07-171969-07-24
101102601003W200 Pemoco Ltd. DOWNHOLEABANDON 1969-08-261969-09-09
111112601003W200 Pemoco Ltd. ACTIVE 1970-06-021970-06-06
101123301003W200 Anadarko Production Company ABANDONED 1970-06-111970-06-16
150042701003W200 Pemoco Ltd. ACTIVE 1970-07-101970-07-22
141060101104W200 Petrox Resources Corp. ACTIVE 1970-08-131970-08-14
191102201003W200 Marathon Oil Company ABANDONED 1970-08-211970-08-28
112102701003W200 Pemoco Ltd. SUSPENDED 1970-10-011970-10-13
101062701003W200 Pemoco Ltd. SUSPENDED 1970-10-021970-11-14
131080101104W200 Petrox Resources Corp. ABANDONED 1970-10-131970-10-19
101100101104W200 Petrox Resources Corp. ACTIVE 1970-11-021970-11-13
101142901003W200 Nitram Exploration Limited ABANDONED 1971-01-191971-01-26
121160101104W200 Petrox Resources Corp. ACTIVE 1971-02-191971-02-26
101063501003W200 Star City Petroleums (1965) Ltd. ABANDONED 1971-07-281971-08-04
101102501003W200 Pemoco Ltd. SUSPENDED 1971-11-031971-11-23
131122501003W200 Pemoco Ltd. SUSPENDED 1971-11-031971-11-11
101132501003W200 Pemoco Ltd. SUSPENDED 1972-12-081972-12-13
101082601003W200 Pemoco Ltd. ACTIVE 1972-12-131972-12-22
111083501003W200 Pemoco Ltd. SUSPENDED 1972-12-131973-01-06
111013501003W200 Pemoco Ltd. ACTIVE 1973-08-271973-09-12
101112501003W200 Pemoco Ltd. ABANDONED 1973-08-271973-09-02
131033601003W200 Pemoco Ltd. SUSPENDED 1973-09-281973-10-10
150032701003W200 Pemoco Ltd. SUSPENDED 1973-10-031973-10-27
101073601003W200 Marathon Oil Company ABANDONED 1973-10-031973-10-18
141040101104W200 Teck Resources Limited ABANDONED 1975-08-131975-09-08
101053601003W200 Pemoco Ltd. SUSPENDED 1976-02-181976-03-06
111072701003W200 Pemoco Ltd. ACTIVE 1976-02-181976-02-26
141132201003W200 Pemoco Ltd. ABANDONED 1976-03-081976-03-16
121122601003W200 Pemoco Ltd. ACTIVE 1977-02-171977-02-26
141152601003W200 Pemoco Ltd. ACTIVE 1977-02-171977-02-19
101052601003W200 Pemoco Ltd. SUSPENDED 1977-11-151978-01-04
111132601003W200 Pemoco Ltd. ACTIVE 1977-11-171978-01-15
101012701003W200 Pemoco Ltd. ACTIVE 1977-11-171978-01-24
101012601003W200 Pemoco Ltd. SUSPENDED 1978-01-121978-02-03
121120601103W200 Petrox Resources Corp. ACTIVE 1978-06-291978-07-07
131092701003W200 Pemoco Ltd. ACTIVE 1979-03-091979-03-12
191092101003W200 Pemoco Ltd. ABANDONED 1979-05-181979-07-14
191152201003W200 Pemoco Ltd. SUSPENDED 1979-05-181979-06-25
141112601003W200 Pemoco Ltd. DOWNHOLEABANDON 1980-07-081980-07-10
141022101002W200 Pemoco Ltd. ABANDONED 1981-06-161981-06-25
131142701003W200 Kanenergy Ltd. ABANDONED 1981-10-301981-11-17
101162801003W200 Kanenergy Ltd. ABANDONED 1982-11-151982-11-22
101150901002W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. SUSPENDED 1983-09-201983-10-15
101090901002W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 1983-11-011983-11-13
140160801002W200 Ridgeback Resources Inc. ABANDONED 1983-11-081983-11-19
141111601002W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 1983-12-091983-12-19
131121501002W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 1984-02-101984-02-18
131131501002W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 1984-06-291984-07-19
131080801002W200 Canlin Energy Corporation ABANDONED 1984-07-241984-08-16
141011701002W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 1984-07-261984-08-15
131133201004W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ABANDONED 1984-10-011984-10-05
111110101104W200 Petrox Resources Corp. ACTIVE 1984-10-221984-12-09
111010101004W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 1984-12-171985-01-01
121042400905W200 TORC Oil & Gas Ltd. SUSPENDED 1985-01-081985-02-05
141053201004W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ABANDONED 1985-01-281985-02-22
141080401103W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ABANDONED 1985-04-091985-05-22
141071601002W200 Crescent Point Energy Corp. ACTIVE 1985-06-131985-07-21
130030601003W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 1985-06-201985-07-12
131091601002W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. SUSPENDED 1985-06-251985-07-12
141062900904W200 TORC Oil & Gas Ltd. SUSPENDED 1985-07-101985-07-20
121110601003W200 Canadian Natural Resources Limited ABANDONED 1985-07-161985-09-03
101151601002W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 1985-07-191985-08-22
101070101104W200 Petrox Resources Corp. ACTIVE 1985-08-151985-09-26
121112600905W200 Macedon Resources Ltd. ABANDONED 1985-08-201985-08-31
111031601002W200 Crescent Point Energy Corp. ACTIVE 1985-08-281985-09-18
111033501003W200 Pemoco Ltd. ACTIVE 1985-10-091985-10-21
121141501002W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ABANDONED 1985-10-171985-10-26
101072900904W200 TORC Oil & Gas Ltd. ABANDONED 1985-10-241985-11-01
111112900904W200 TORC Oil & Gas Ltd. SUSPENDED 1985-10-251985-11-08
121013501003W200 Pemoco Ltd. ABANDONED 1985-12-231986-01-14
141022701003W200 Pemoco Ltd. ACTIVE 1985-12-231986-01-09
101012600904W200 Baytex Energy Ltd. ABANDONED 1986-01-221986-02-04
111042201002W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. SUSPENDED 1986-01-271986-02-08
101132000904W200 TORC Oil & Gas Ltd. SUSPENDED 1986-02-041986-02-07
141100901104W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ABANDONED 1986-02-131986-02-19
101110901002W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. SUSPENDED 1986-03-061986-03-09
131111901004W200 Canadian Natural Resources Limited ABANDONED 1986-10-271986-11-06
121032900904W200 TORC Oil & Gas Ltd. ACTIVE 1986-11-201986-11-26
141100901002W200 Ridgeback Resources Inc. ABANDONED 1987-06-291987-07-04
111061001104W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ABANDONED 1987-07-201987-08-21
121052400905W200 TORC Oil & Gas Ltd. SUSPENDED 1987-08-251987-09-24
121060901104W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 1987-10-191987-11-03
131080901104W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. SUSPENDED 1988-01-071988-02-06
141040901104W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 1988-05-121988-06-15
121160901104W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. SUSPENDED 1988-05-121988-05-23
141012300905W200 TORC Oil & Gas Ltd. SUSPENDED 1988-05-201988-06-24
141102900904W200 Ridgeback Resources Inc. ABANDONED 1988-06-171988-06-26
121153201004W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ABANDONED 1988-12-191989-02-11
111120901104W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ABANDONED 1989-06-081989-07-01
141080801104W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ABANDONED 1989-08-141989-10-04
111140901104W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 1989-08-141989-09-13
131020901104W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 1989-09-201989-10-24
142132201003W200 Pemoco Ltd. SUSPENDED 1989-10-241990-01-04
121121001104W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 1989-11-211990-01-06
141140401104W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 1990-02-071990-03-08
121101001002W200 Pemoco Ltd. SUSPENDED 1990-02-231990-03-04
131041101104W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ABANDONED 1990-05-111990-06-11
131140701104W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ABANDONED 1990-10-041990-10-19
101161001002W200 Pemoco Ltd. SUSPENDED 1990-11-131990-11-23
131160401104W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 1990-11-201990-11-30
131160801104W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 1990-11-271990-12-19
131120701104W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ABANDONED 1990-11-301990-12-07
121110901104W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 1991-08-221991-09-06
131131001104W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ABANDONED 1991-11-081991-11-23
111091001002W200 Pemoco Ltd. SUSPENDED 1992-01-141992-01-23
101050901104W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 1992-02-101992-02-13
131030901104W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ABANDONED 1992-07-161992-08-18
131070901104W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. SUSPENDED 1992-07-161992-07-31
191121401005W200 Crescent Point Energy Corp. ACTIVE 1992-09-151992-09-18
191051601002W200 Crescent Point Energy Corp. ACTIVE 1992-10-081992-10-13
191130901002W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 1992-10-271992-11-14
111162701003W200 Hazelwood Energy Limited ABANDONED 1993-03-031993-03-10
191141501002W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. SUSPENDED 1993-05-101993-06-05
121070601003W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ABANDONED 1993-06-091993-06-15
111020601003W200 Ridgeback Resources Inc. ABANDONED 1993-06-251993-06-29
191130701104W202 Vermilion Energy Inc. SUSPENDED 1993-06-301993-07-11
121110401104W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 1993-07-121993-11-04
191142201003W200 Pemoco Ltd. ACTIVE 1993-07-131993-07-29
191122201003W200 Pemoco Ltd. ACTIVE 1993-07-211993-10-06
191081601002W200 Crescent Point Energy Corp. ACTIVE 1993-07-271993-08-11
191082201005W200 Crescent Point Energy Corp. SUSPENDED 1993-08-091993-08-11
191161601002W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 1993-08-241993-08-26
141120701104W202 Vermilion Energy Inc. ABANDONED 1993-10-051993-10-10
191011601104W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. SUSPENDED 1993-10-251993-10-31
192142201003W200 Pemoco Ltd. ACTIVE 1993-10-281993-11-09
191122601003W200 Pemoco Ltd. ACTIVE 1993-11-151993-11-20
191121101002W200 Pemoco Ltd. SUSPENDED 1993-11-171994-01-26
191012101002W200 Samson Canada Ltd. ABANDONED 1993-12-011994-01-04
191042900904W200 TORC Oil & Gas Ltd. SUSPENDED 1994-02-031994-02-14
111133601005W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ABANDONED 1994-02-171994-02-25
191110901002W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 1994-03-151994-05-13
131063601005W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ABANDONED 1994-06-211994-07-11
191031601002W200 Crescent Point Energy Corp. SUSPENDED 1994-08-111994-08-16
191011601002W200 Crescent Point Energy Corp. ACTIVE 1994-08-111994-08-29
191131001002W200 Crescent Point Energy Corp. SUSPENDED 1994-08-171994-09-11
191161900904W200 TORC Oil & Gas Ltd. ACTIVE 1994-09-221994-09-22
191091900904W200 TORC Oil & Gas Ltd. SUSPENDED 1994-09-231994-10-09
191111001002W200 Crescent Point Energy Corp. ACTIVE 1994-09-271994-09-28
192051601002W200 Crescent Point Energy Corp. SUSPENDED 1994-10-071994-10-11
191132501003W202 Pemoco Ltd. ACTIVE 1995-02-011995-05-20
191113601003W200 Pemoco Ltd. SUSPENDED 1995-06-061995-06-08
131113601005W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ABANDONED 1995-06-151995-07-09
131153601005W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 1995-11-171995-11-30
191151001002W200 Pemoco Ltd. SUSPENDED 1995-11-291995-11-29
191040601003W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 1996-02-021996-02-16
131050701104W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 1996-05-091996-05-23
191153601005W202 Vermilion Energy Inc. SUSPENDED 1996-05-311996-09-09
131020401104W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ABANDONED 1996-06-071996-07-13
192040601003W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 1996-07-221996-08-13
131100701104W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 1996-07-231996-11-02
191070901104W202 Vermilion Energy Inc. ABANDONED 1996-08-071996-08-18
191050701104W203 Vermilion Energy Inc. SUSPENDED 1996-08-231996-09-18
191050601003W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. SUSPENDED 1996-09-201996-12-01
141093401004W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ABANDONED 1996-12-101996-12-19
193040601003W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 1997-07-081997-09-30
192042900904W200 TORC Oil & Gas Ltd. ACTIVE 1997-07-311997-08-07
141093600904W200 Ridgeback Resources Inc. ABANDONED 1997-09-241997-10-17
191081400905W200 TORC Oil & Gas Ltd. SUSPENDED 1997-10-241997-10-25
191041601002W200 Crescent Point Energy Corp. SUSPENDED 1997-12-291997-12-28
192031601002W200 Crescent Point Energy Corp. SUSPENDED 1998-01-061998-01-16
191150901002W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 1998-01-121998-01-26
191160901002W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 1998-01-121998-01-12
111133100903W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. SUSPENDED 1998-02-131998-03-11
192081601002W200 Crescent Point Energy Corp. ABANDONED 1998-02-191998-02-24
191090801002W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. SUSPENDED 1998-03-271998-05-09
192150901002W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. SUSPENDED 1998-04-011998-05-18
192111001002W200 Crescent Point Energy Corp. ACTIVE 1998-04-201998-05-05
101150501104W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ABANDONED 1999-02-101999-02-19
191141601002W200 Crescent Point Energy Corp. ABANDONED 1999-07-061999-07-08
141150601003W200 Ridgeback Resources Inc. ABANDONED 2000-02-112000-02-15
131090901104W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. COMPLETED 2000-05-012000-06-28
191053601005W202 Vermilion Energy Inc. SUSPENDED 2000-05-082000-06-16
191060901104W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ABANDONED 2000-05-092000-06-09
111163401004W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ABANDONED 2000-12-272001-01-12
191030601003W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 2001-11-222002-01-27
141090801104W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 2002-11-122002-11-16
121040601104W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ABANDONED 2005-01-142005-01-28
191072501005W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 2005-02-042005-07-14
191060601003W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. SUSPENDED 2005-07-282005-08-01
191063601005W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. SUSPENDED 2005-10-072005-10-17
101023101004W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ABANDONED 2005-11-252006-01-11
141063101004W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 2005-11-292006-01-17
191121601002W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. SUSPENDED 2006-01-252006-01-31
191053101004W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 2006-06-232006-07-06
191033101004W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 2006-06-232006-09-24
191082701003W200 Pemoco Ltd. ACTIVE 2006-07-042006-07-24
191013101004W202 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 2006-07-132006-07-16
191083101004W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 2006-07-132006-08-15
191050901104W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. SUSPENDED 2006-09-292006-10-09
191152501003W200 Pemoco Ltd. ACTIVE 2006-10-102006-10-22
192083101004W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 2007-02-082007-02-12
1CC012201002W200 Ridgeback Resources Inc. PLANNED 2007-02-16
1CC163101004W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. PLANNED 2007-07-25
192093101004W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 2007-07-252007-08-30
1CC093101004W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. PLANNED 2007-07-25
191093101004W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 2007-07-252007-08-06
193083101004W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 2007-12-312008-01-14
191063101004W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 2007-12-312008-02-22
191023101004W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 2008-01-022008-01-04
121033101004W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 2008-01-222008-02-14
141033301004W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. COMPLETED 2008-08-072009-01-20
191043201004W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. SUSPENDED 2008-08-142009-01-03
1CC043201004W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. PLANNED 2008-10-07
1CC013201004W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. PLANNED 2008-11-24
191060101104W200 Petrox Resources Corp. ACTIVE 2009-07-292009-11-03
121132201003W202 Pemoco Ltd. COMPLETED 2009-10-232009-11-24
1CC160101104W200 Petrox Resources Corp. PLANNED 2010-04-09
132080101104W200 Petrox Resources Corp. ACTIVE 2010-06-032010-07-04
141100901104W202 Vermilion Energy Inc. COMPLETED 2011-08-242011-09-13
1CC100401104W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. PLANNED 2012-02-15
1CC080901104W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. PLANNED 2012-02-27
1CC121501104W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. PLANNED 2012-04-18
191150601003W200 Vermilion Energy Inc. ACTIVE 2015-08-272016-02-26
101152601003W200 Pemoco Ltd. ACTIVE 2018-08-012018-09-07
102162601003W200 Pemoco Ltd. PLANNED 2019-06-05
101122601003W200 Pemoco Ltd. PLANNED 2019-09-23

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