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Well Details

Well ID: 37-049-21029
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Country: United States
State: Pennsylvania
County: Erie
Municipality: Wayne Township
Well Pad ID:
Spud Date:
Permit Date: 1980-06-04
Well Type: GAS
Unconventional Well: N
Configuration: Vertical Well
Conservation: Yes
Latitude: 41.923454
Longitude: -79.702757

For data sources see[1][2][3]

Well History

Date Event
1980-06-04 New Permit Application
1980-07-25 Performed Spud Operation
1980-07-30 Drilling Completion
1980-08-04 Perforation
1980-08-14 Performed Stimulation
1980-12-02 NEWLY DRILLED
2007-10-15 Drilling Completion
2008-01-29 FULLY PLUGGED

For data sources see[4]

Stimulation Data

Stimulation Date Phase Number Chemical Agent Volume (gal) Treating Pressure (psi) Breakdown Pressure (psi)
1980-08-14 0 0 0

For data sources see[5]

Production Data

Period Operator Name Gas Quantity (mcf) Gas Production Days Oil Quantity (bbl) Oil Production Days Water Quantity (bbl) Water Production Days
1984 APPALACHIAN ENERGY INC 4,906.00 0 0.00 0 0.00 0
1991 APPALACHIAN ENERGY INC 204.00 31 0.00 0 0.00 0
2007 TAMARACK PETRO CORP 0.00 0 0.00 0 0.00 0

For data sources see[6]

Inspection Data

Inspections Performed

Inspection ID Inspection Category Inspection Date Inspection Type Inspection Result Inspection Comments
1569146 Primary Facility 2006-10-12 Routine/Complete Inspection Violation(s) Noted
1577101 Primary Facility 2006-11-03 Routine/Complete Inspection Outstanding Violations - No Viols Req'd Inspected due to VanWays contention well pad was too small and ruined by landowner.
1645513 Primary Facility 2007-08-21 Compliance Evaluation Violation(s) & Outstanding Violations
1656479 Primary Facility 2007-10-09 Compliance Evaluation Outstanding Violations - No Viols Req'd
1658227 Primary Facility 2007-10-12 Plugging(Includes Plugged/Mined Through) Outstanding Violations - No Viols Req'd
1658238 Primary Facility 2007-10-16 Plugging(Includes Plugged/Mined Through) No Violations Noted
361550 Primary Facility 1988-11-03 Routine/Complete Inspection No Violations Noted DID NOT INSPECT

Violations Commited

Inspection ID Violation ID Violation Date Date Resolved Violation Code Violation Type Violation Comments
1569146 499364 10/12/2006 2006-10-12 212PRODRPT - Failure to submit production report Administrative Had meeting with L/O and operator. They agreed to work together to build the access road to the well and the operator would compensate the L/O for the loss of pond fish. Note: well is on small island of manmade fish pond.
1569146 499720 10/12/2006 2006-10-12 210UNPLUG - Failure to plug a well upon abandonment Administrative
1645513 521622 08/21/2007 2007-08-21 203TAG - Failure to affix, in a permanent manner, a registration number on a well within 60 days of registration Administrative
1645513 521623 08/21/2007 2007-08-21 210UNPLUG - Failure to plug a well upon abandonment Administrative
1645513 521624 08/21/2007 2007-08-21 212PRODRPT - Failure to submit production report Administrative

Penalties Applied

Violation ID Penalty ID Penalty Code Penalty Status Penalty Date Enforcement Date Penalty Amount Amount Collected
499364 213436 NOV - Notice of Violation Comply/Closed 2007-04-09
499720 213436 NOV - Notice of Violation Comply/Closed 2007-04-09

For data sources see[7]