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Well Details

Well ID: 34-103-23497
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Country: United States
State: Ohio
County: Medina
Municipality: Montville Township
Well Pad ID:
Farm/Lease Name: NOWAK UNIT
License Status: Final Restoration
License Date: 2002-01-25
Spud Date: 1984-01-09
Spud Drilling Contractor: PERKINS DRLG
Final Drill Date: 1984-01-13
Well Total Depth: 3640 ft
Configuration: Vertical
Latitude: 41.085519439
Longitude: -81.84032122

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Well History

Well Status Well Status Date Comment
CO 1983-09-20 244 SHONGUM OIL & GAS INC GeoDate 9/20/83
Oil and Gas 1983-09-20 Issued Date 9/20/83 Expired Date 3/18/84 Acres 0020000 Tool Type RTAF Proposed Formation CLINTON Proposed Depth 03640 Proposed Drill Depth 03640
Original Spud 1984-01-09
Completed 1984-01-13
Reached Total Depth 1984-01-13
Completion Report Received 1984-01-26
CO 1995-05-31 43 RESOURCE AMERICA INC GeoDate 9/20/83
APP 2002-01-25 Proposed Formations:CLINTON, Issued Date:1/25/2002, Expired Date:1/25/2003 6:00:00 AM, Drilling unit acres:20, Proposed Well Type:OG, Proposed Well Class:
Plugged/Abandoned 2002-08-13
Construction Permit Expires 2003-01-25
Change of Owner 2004-03-12 Operator changed from 43, RESOURCE AMERICA INC to 6867, ATLAS AMERICA INC
Record Last Modified 2017-02-15

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Perforation Treatments

Perforation Date Interval Top (ft) Interval Base (ft) Number of Shots
2006-09-11 3458 3474 1
1997-06-29 3425 3521 0

For data sources see[3]

Stimulations Data

Stimulation Date Chemical Agent Chemical Agent Concentration (%) Fracking Fluid Volume Mass of Proppant Used (lb) Fracking Company Comments
H2O 0 67550 Gal 0
N2 0 180 Mscf 45000 FRAC;H2O,SAND,N2

For data sources see[4]

Production Data

Period Operator Name Gas Quantity (mcf) Oil Quantity (bbl) Production Days
1984 SHONGUM OIL & GAS INC 502 228 0
1985 SHONGUM OIL & GAS INC 5382 307 365
1986 SHONGUM OIL & GAS INC 6283 229 365
1987 SHONGUM OIL & GAS INC 4175 76 365

For data sources see[5] [6]

Waste Data

Period Operator Name Waste Type Quantity (bbl) Production Days
1984 SHONGUM OIL & GAS INC Brine 0 0
1985 SHONGUM OIL & GAS INC Brine 0 365
1986 SHONGUM OIL & GAS INC Brine 0 365
1987 SHONGUM OIL & GAS INC Brine 0 365

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Inspection Data

Inspections Performed

Inspection ID Inspection Date Inspection Type Inspection Result Inspection Comments
0000019882 Preliminary Restoration No Violations PASSED Y WITNESSED 6/24/85 INSPECTOR RICK SIMMERS DATE 06/2419/85 DATA FROM OLD VAX INFO
000PL11733 Preliminary Restoration No Violations Preliminary Restoration done information from Data Point
0023579446 2002-08-13 Plug / Plug Back No Violations Status check inspection of recently plugged well - No violations at this time. Will monitor for final restoration.
0224604877 2013-08-19 Final Restoration No Violations There was no indication of the well, tank battery, or lease road. The vegetation and natural grading have been restored, and the location is now in a small park. Final restoration passes.

For data sources see[9]