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Well Details

Well ID: 34-059-24559
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Country: United States
State: Ohio
County: Guernsey
Municipality: Londonderry Township
Well Pad ID: US-OH-001608
Farm/Lease Name: GILCHER S LND GR
License Status: Producing
License Date: 2019-02-22
Spud Date: 2019-04-23
Spud Drilling Contractor:
Final Drill Date: 2019-08-19
Well Total Depth: 16723.00 ft
Configuration: Horizontal
Latitude: 40.100000
Longitude: -81.280000

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Well History

Well Status Well Status Date Comment
APP 2019-02-22 Proposed Formations:UTICA THROUGH POINT PLEASANT, Issued Date:2/22/2019, Expired Date:2/21/2021 12:00:00 PM, Drilling unit acres:556.866, Proposed Well Type:OG, Proposed Well Class:POOL
Record Last Modified 2019-06-14
Construction Permit Expires 2021-02-21

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Perforation Treatments

Perforation Date Interval Top (ft) Interval Base (ft) Number of Shots
16399 16498 0
8323 8452 0
8323 8452 0

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Inspection Data

Inspections Performed

Inspection ID Inspection Date Inspection Type Inspection Result Inspection Comments
-1121930793 2019-4-24 0:00: CS No Violations 2.00
-1474625218 2019-11-25 0:00 PL No Violations 0.30
-1792729668 2019-8-7 0:00:0 DD No Violations 0.40
-2041282792 2019-10-23 0:00 CT No Violations 0.20
-246298078 2019-6-11 0:00: DD No Violations 0.20
-95951923 2019-5-2 0:00:0 DD No Violations 0.30
0095951923 2019-05-02 Drill / Deepen / Reopen No Violations The purpose of my inspection was to check on the cement top on the backside of the conductor. During my inspection the backside of the conductor and the cement floor had cured cement present. The cellar appears to be liquid tight as per the Ohio Revised Code 1501:9-1-08 (F).
1121930793 2019-04-24 Casing String Witnessed No Violations Precision Rathole drilled a 30-inch diameter borehole to 100 feet in depth and installed 100 feet of 24-inch diameter conductor casing with welded joints. The conductor weighed 94.62 pounds per foot. A small seepage of water was encountered at 95-feet during the drilling process. During my inspection a pre-job safety meeting was held with all personnel on location and Petroset cementing rigged up on location and pumped 250 sacks of class A cement with 2 percent calcium chloride and displaced with 47 barrels of fresh water. Cement returns were established and were used to cement the cellar floor to create a liquid-tight cellar as per 1501:9-1-08 (F).
142211006 2019-12-12 0:00 PW No Violations 0.30
1435570956 2019-10-10 0:00 CT No Violations 0.20
1559744284 2019-6-5 0:00:0 CS No Violations 4.00
1653801991 2019-11-15 0:00 CT No Violations 0.30
1749539764 2020-2-26 0:00: PW No Violations 0.10
2038188045 2020-7-27 0:00: PW No Violations 1.00
2045528728 2019-9-26 0:00: DD No Violations 0.20

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