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Well Details

Well ID: 0044051404020
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Location: 02/04-14-004-05W4/0
Location Alias: 02/04-14-04-05 W4M
Location Alias 2: 02/04-14-004-05 W4/00
Country: Canada
Province: Alberta
Township: 004
Meridian: 4
Range: 05
Section: 14
County/Municipality: County of Forty Mile No. 8
Well Name: LGX MANYB 4-14-4-5
Operator Name: LGX Oil + Gas Inc.
License Number: 0188248
License Date: 1996-05-31
License Status: Issued
Spud Date: 1996-06-06
Final Drill Date: 1996-06-08
Well Total Depth: 1105.00 m
Surface Hole Latitude: 49.290685
Surface Hole Longitude: -110.587887

For data sources see[1][2]

Well History

Date Event
1996-05-31 Obtained License
1996-06-06 Surface Casing Operation Performed
1996-06-08 Finished Drilling
1996-06-08 Well Log Performed
1996-06-08 Well Mode changed to Drilled and Cased
1996-06-09 Production Casing Operation Performed
1996-06-09 Well Log Performed
1996-06-10 Rig Released
1996-06-12 Perforation Treatment Performed - Jet Perforation
1996-06-12 Well Log Performed
1996-06-14 Perforation Treatment Performed - Fractured
1996-07-01 Well Began Production
1996-07-01 Well Fluid changed to Crude Oil
1996-07-01 Well Mode changed to Pumping
1996-11-01 Well Fluid changed to Crude Oil
1996-11-01 Well Mode changed to Suspended
2018-06-29 Perforation Treatment Performed - Bridge Plug Capped W/Cement
2018-06-29 Plug Back Performed
2018-06-29 Well Fluid changed to Crude Oil
2018-06-29 Well Mode changed to Abandoned Zone

For data sources see[3]

Perforation Treatments

Perforation Date Perforation Type Interval Top (m) Interval Base (m) Number of Shots
1996-06-12 Perforation 1064.50 1068.00 13
1996-06-14 Fracture 1064.50 1068.00 0
2018-06-29 Packing Device Capped w/Cement 1050.00 1059.00 0

For data sources see[4]

Production Data

Period Total Production Hours Gas Quantity (m3) Oil Quantity (m3) Water Quantity (m3)
1996 440 0.0 0.0 0.0

For data sources see[5]


Occurence Date Occurence Type Occurence Depth (m) Occurence Control Depth (m)
2018-06-29 No Incident Encountered 0.00 0.00

For data sources see[6]